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Turquoise Colored Howlite & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

Turquoise Colored Howlite & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

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Elevate your style and spiritual well-being with our Copper & Turquoise-Colored Howlite Chip Crystal Earrings. These handcrafted earrings blend the timeless allure of copper with the soothing energies of howlite, creating a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and beneficial.

Copper: The Harmonizing Metal

Howlite: The Stone of Tranquility

The combination of copper and turquoise-colored howlite creates a harmonious blend of energies that amplifies the benefits of both materials. Copper enhances the soothing properties of howlite, helping to balance your emotional state and promote inner peace. Together, they create a powerful tool for grounding, calming, and spiritual growth. These earrings are not just accessories; they are a means to enhance your overall well-being.

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