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Sirens' Song Decks - Lenormand and Kipper

Sirens' Song Decks - Lenormand and Kipper

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The sirens' song offers a unique set of two divination decks to be used individually or in combination. Unlike tarot and oracle decks, which are read intuitively, Lenormand cards are read symbolically and Kipper cards are read quite literally. Lenormand deals with the outer world while Kipper deals with the interpersonal. Read together, the story the sirens tell reveals the hidden meaning to be found both in people's everyday lives and in societal issues they face. The cards also reflect both the highest and the lowest possibilities our lives can contain. These decks invite us into a world inhabited by iridescent characters who lend their magic, myth (and tentacle) to every oracle reading. The result is as deductive and eternal as the legendary sirens' song. This deluxe set contains a 40-card Lenormand deck, a 38-card kipper deck, and a 144-page full-color guidebook.
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