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Rhodonite Chips & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

Rhodonite Chips & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

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Introducing our Copper & Rhodonite Chip Crystal Earrings, where timeless elegance meets profound healing energies. These handcrafted earrings are more than just beautiful accessories; they are powerful tools designed to enhance your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Copper: The Conductor of Healing

Rhodonite: The Stone of Compassion and Emotional Healing

The combination of copper and rhodonite creates a powerful synergy that enhances the benefits of both materials. Copper acts as a conduit, amplifying rhodonite's emotional healing properties. Together, they work to balance your energy field, promote emotional healing, and foster a sense of love and compassion. These earrings are not just stylish accessories; they are tools for nurturing your emotional well-being and personal growth.

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