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Flourite Chips & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

Flourite Chips & Copper Wire Earrings (Circular)

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Discover the magic of our Copper & Fluorite Chip Crystal Earrings, a unique blend of artistry and powerful metaphysical properties. These handcrafted earrings are not just beautiful accessories; they are tools for spiritual enhancement and energetic balance.

Copper: A Conduit for Positive Energy

Fluorite: The Stone of Clarity and Protection

The combination of copper and fluorite creates a powerful energetic synergy. Copper, acting as an energy conductor, amplifies the protective and clarifying properties of fluorite. This harmonious blend enhances your mental clarity, protects against negative energies, and balances your energy field. Together, they foster a sense of calm, clarity, and focus, helping you navigate daily challenges with ease and grace.

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