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Beloved Dead (Deck & Book) By Paris & Hardt

Beloved Dead (Deck & Book) By Paris & Hardt

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Your collective family of ancestor archetypes awaits you in the beloved dead oracle. They will have a lot to say about your day-to-day interactions, interpersonal dynamics, and inner life. Ask the beloved dead a question and connect with the consciousness that has left the land of form and now resides energetically as spirit. Every spirit in this deck is a bright star in the constellation that lights your soul's enchanted path to the unlimited potential that is the future. These are the voices of your protective and guiding ancestors-spirit helpers who understand that there's great work to be done every minute you spend on this side of the veil. At times, the beloved dead oracle cards will represent a specific soul, living or in spirit; at other times they may convey an experience, memory, event, or outlook, and always deliver a message related to the context of your question. The set contains an 82-card deck and 144-page full-color guidebook.
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